Social media: new beauty influence trends for 2021

Social media: new beauty influence trends for 2021

Kolsquare performed a thorough study on the chauffeurs of charm influence on social networks The system, focused on the optimization of impact advertising campaigns, checked out the practices of several hundred brand names and also influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok from January 2020 to February 2021 The analysis of measurable information was finished with about 10 testaments [1] This research makes an upgrade on the specificities of the different media as well as influencers’ accounts and the main 2021 appeal impact fads.
Brands can no more pay for to map out their methods without a key element: influence advertising and marketing, an important in the beauty world. Secret Opinion Leaders (KOLs) have actually ended up being makers of motivating web content and also both free-spirited intermediates and also brand name ambassadors. More expert, they damage the mould and also give innovation and also freshness thanks to a specialist, impacting profile. And as the share of on-line sales and also the time spent on social media keep skyrocketing, no doubt this trend will maintain expanding. Meanwhile, social media progressively develop technological tools as well as systems for brands: increased fact, buy buttons, live buying …

Instagram: the elegance celebrity media.
According to Kolsquare, if charm has gotten such value on social media recently, it is due to the fact that this market financial institutions a lot on visuals as well as experience. “Appeal digitalization paves the way for technological development: today, you can adhere to a tutorial or test a lipstick on your smart device. Influence advertising finishes these brand-new technologies with a genuine authenticity made possible thanks to the depend on connection between KOLs, clients, and also brands,” claim the system agents.

In practice, the layout one of the most commonly used by cosmetics brand names is photo, and also by far: 85.9%. After that come videos (10.3%), Instagram stories (2%), and also Instagram videos (IGVT), which represent 1%.

A visual network par excellence, Instagram is by (extremely) far the primary medium for appeal and way of life. Statistics are quite clear: 90.4% of the 1,210,622 publications related to charm analyzed in 2020 are on Instagram.

With over one million appeal components counted in 2020, Instagram supplies an excellent selection of layouts (feed, tales, lives, reels, IGTV). Lives actually grew throughout the initial lockdown with 800 million active users daily in April 2020. According to Kolsquare, this layout assists brands as well as influencers raise their areas’ dedication with a place where they can engage online. The use of Reels has likewise made stable progression considering that summertime 2020. These 15-second video clips are much preferred among brands, in particular when it involves clarifying how to make use of an item or introducing a difficulty.

It needs to be claimed that 90% of Instagram users follow a minimum of one brand name, as well as 130 million click on a purchasing message every month to learn more regarding a product.

As pertains to the dedication rate, TikTok is really the most effective, with 4.9%, adhered to by Instagram (1.07%), YouTube (0.5%), Facebook (0.15%), and also Twitter (0.03%).

If it is still far from Instagram, audience-wise, TikTok is making headway, specifically among the young generation. On TikTok, elegance is at the core of trends, together with other themes like video games, sporting activities, fashion, family members as well as education and learning. According to the most recent TikTok for Company record, in 2020, appeal videos expanded by 90% in France, 41% in Germany, Switzerland, and also Austria, and also as much as 238% in Spain. “On TikTok, individuals talk about both elegance and blemishes. They commemorate inclusiveness, difference, and common help. This innovative neighborhood is redefining elegance: they desire it to be greener, a lot more transparent, as well as agent of variety. One of the most viewed videos are tutorials, suggestions and also tricks, and also product examinations,” highlight Kolsquare experts.

When it comes to YouTube, it is without a doubt the network for elegance tutorials: it is a lot more adapted to longer, thorough video clips.

An eco-friendly, inclusive, fully commited appeal for 2021.
According to Kolsquare, beauty will certainly be environment-friendly, inclusive, and devoted in 2021 on social media sites. The impact marketing system states a number of regular hashtags and also influencer accounts for the year:

#skincare – In 2020, a new group arised among appeal KOLs: skinfluencers– skincare fanatics. This team is finished with pharmfluencers, that have a more clinical account, so they can discuss item components and also skin types.

#selfcare – The go back to simplicity is on a roll, as minimalism is put on the spotlight, in addition to the no-makeup and also vegan patterns. These trends actually grew in 2020, with minimal, and even no makeup, and also lowered rituals: a movement called skip-care. Environment-friendly brand names like Rich, Beginnings, and Typology flourished.

#filter – Enhanced truth and virtual reality are more and more extensively utilized in the elegance industry. They make it feasible for users to directly evaluate makeup products or accessories. This testing system has thrived since the hygienic crisis began.

Affiliation: a key lever
Influencer compensation according to the sales generated via a payment determined with a radar (affiliate web link, link tracker, advertising code, committed Amazon e-shop) is incredibly prominent in the appeal industry, because it is both effective as well as simple. Nevertheless, to be acceptable for both advertisers and influencers, it ought to be based upon mutual depend on. This vital bar calls for a clear contract, Kolsquare specialists describe.

The power of information
Still, for brands, the major obstacle hinges on determining the most appropriate influencers. To this aim, Kolsquare advertises their own remedy based on the aggregation and also evaluation of data targeting influencers according to their target market, dedication price, variety of followers, motifs they manage, or perhaps the brands they partner with. “Big Information as well as machine learning assistance target certain influencers, learn more about their objectives, and likewise precisely measure an offered project’s ROI,” highlight the system professionals.

In conclusion, Kolsquare highlights the truth that KOLs’ imagination, which keeps being shared with new formats, is an added worth and also a vital benefit for brand names. Nonetheless, as authenticity is more than ever a directing principle in influence advertising, getting in touch with influencers at random, without putting in the time to get to know them as well as target them, is no more effective. As customers progressively expect openness as well as credibility, it has ended up being vital for brands to interact with their ambassadors: they have a great deal to acquire by properly targeting their influencers and also preserving engineering with them.


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