Nouryon launches a natural polymer for sustainable sunscreen formulations

Nouryon launches a natural polymer for sustainable sunscreen formulations

Nouryon has actually presented a natural film-forming polymer for usage in high sunlight defense aspect (SPF) solution sunscreens and more usually for all aesthetic lines. SolAmaze Natural [1], which is bio-based and also easily biodegradable, addresses the fast-growing consumer demand for all-natural as well as clean tag ingredients in personal care products.

” When developing high-performing sunscreens, formulators routinely rely on artificial ingredients that are frequently relentless in the setting,” claimed Suzanne Carroll, Vice Head Of State House and also Personal Care at Nouryon. “SolAmaze Natural polymer enables our clients to establish even more all-natural, lasting sun blocks while also providing remarkable water resistance and also a boosted feeling on the skin.”

The new launch works with various other components made use of in sunscreen formulations, particularly with typically made use of UV filters, as well as can be made use of across a range of output. These consist of both traditional natural and also mineral sunscreens, as well as SPF creams, shade cosmetics, and also face as well as body creams. According to Nouryon, it is non-toxic to marine life.

Along with fulfilling the growing need for more natural items, SolAmaze Natural has high performance, which can be contrasted to that of artificial polymers. It offers excellent water resistance, long lasting as well as a smooth skin feeling.


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