Citróleo: A natural active for protection against invisible enemies

Citróleo: A natural active for protection against invisible enemies

While security and defense are coming to be the new buzz words of the article Covid-19 period, Brazil’s Citróleo is introducing AlphaShield, a 100% natural, biodegradable energetic created through “an effective harmony of licensed and also exclusive necessary oil elements”, obtained from sustainable resources.

“Protecting human life has never been more crucial in this pandemic moment, that’s why Citróleo Team looked for motivation in nature to bring a new 100% natural active to the individual health market. Powerful in germicidal and disinfectant action, it is an excellent lasting, safe as well as reliable option to fight unnoticeable adversaries” states Flávia Jesuino, Marketing Supervisor of Grupo Citróleo.

Alphashield was checked versus pressures of gram-positive germs, although its components additionally exhibit activity against gram unfavorable and infections, as well as distinctive pressures of fungis.

According to Citróleo, results show “a significant and also acceptable reduction” of pressures. Used in an anti-bacterial spray for the body, Alphashield in a focus of 0.5% has been shown to be effective in minimizing the growth of sensible germs, moulds, as well as yeasts, acting with as a multifunctional chemical as well as primary active component.

“The botanical complex that composes Alphashield, provides this active with a powerful as well as unique device of germicidal activity, rapidly removing (within one minute) 99.99% of germs (gram favorable and also negative bacteria and fungi), along with likewise preventing their development,” includes Rafaella Tomazini, Technical Marketing Analyst at Grupo Citróleo.

Despite the fact that it is made up just of picked necessary oils, Alphashield is secure over a large range of pH as well as temperature, as well as can be included in several bases, consisting of systems with a high alcohol content.

Citróleo as a result thinks about Alphashield as a brand-new natural choice to standard bactericides, such as triclosan.