Cosmogen features “safe contact” as a key point for cosmetics solutions

Cosmogen features “safe contact” as a key point for cosmetics solutions

Cosmogen has actually kept in mind that consumers require to feel safe, especially. “Safe contact” becomes a vital criterion for cosmetics applicators as well as product packaging, together with protection of the formula and wellness, while being designed from an environment-friendly strategy. Cosmogen offers a large variety of services that feeds brands’ creative thinking. Stay risk-free!

Cosmogen supplies remedies that meet these brand-new demands of “safe call”. Whether it is a pack with integrated applicator (Squeeze’n, Cosmo +, Stressful), a formula in a jar, tube or airless container with different applicator (spatulas, brushes, Cosmoblender etc), a massage device (roll on, fresh pearl, ridoki) or hygiene accessory (cleaning sphere), a big variety of options exists at Cosmogen. It allows an excellent imagination for brands, for which differentiation and also desirability of skin care and also make-up items, remain key words.

Cosmogen has actually integrated this ask for over ten years in the advancement of brand-new products. The renowned Squeeze ‘n range, that was birthed in 2006, keeps expanding with brand-new applicators. It is now available with recycled or bio-based material. It matches all demands, from risk-free call, to environment-friendly style, while protecting the formula and also supplying wellness and also performance.

As a reminder, it is defined by a patented rotating on/off system, enabling to open up, disperse, close, use the formula and afterwards clean the applicator.

The Stressful tube, born in 2015, likewise permits to apply solutions without any contact with hands, especially on sensitive locations around the lips or eyes. It has actually been upgraded to ensure that its idea is removable and also as a result cleanable. It also promotes recycling given that the elements can be divided.

Also, the advancement of applicators, such as silicone brushes as well as washable spatulas, makes it feasible to prevent any contact with the formula. Simply put, no more fingers in the jar! The development of materials, their mix with anti-bacterial agents (cosmoblender), even more reinforce security.